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Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


Kids, listen up!

The annual programme Kids, listen up! deals with topics relating to upbringing, education, generational conflicts and being a child forever: Who actually teaches whom? Who listens to whom? Or not? How can people of different ages connect? Should we keep the child within us as adults? And what …

Annual graphic of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

30 years Kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle Osnabrück celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023! From July 8 to February 25, 2024, 3 exhibitions will be presented: An exhibition by Aram Bartholl. An impressive building wrapping by Ibrahim Mahama. And a group exhibition of guests and artists from Osnabrück. The group exhibition …

Graphic of the Kunsthalle on the annual theme


Forum demokratische Kultur und zeitgenössische Kunst, Anna Haifisch, Rosie Hastings/Hannah Quinlan, Gabriella Hirst, Irène Mélix, Henrike Naumann, Cemile Sahin

Graphic of the Kunsthalle on the annual theme of accessibility.


Menschen in unserer Gesellschaft leben sehr unterschiedlich. Es gibt Vielfalt. Aber gleichzeitig werden viele Menschen ausgegrenzt.

Graphic for the annual theme Disappointment with composition on a purple background.


Von August 2020 bis Februar 2021 widmet sich die Kunsthalle dem Thema *Enttäuschung*. Es geht um die großen Enttäuschungen in unserem Alltag.