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Privacy Policy

With these references, you are being informed about the processing of your personal data by the town Osnabrück. The town Osnabrück takes the protection of your personal data seriously. In general, personal data is processed due to legal provision or because you consented to data processing. The following data privacy statement includes information about how to handle your date while using this website.

You can find details to the information obligation (Art. 13 and Art. 14 DS-GVO) in the assembly of the information notice. It is sorted by departments and information about how your data is handled by certain departments of the town Osnabrück is given. Please note that, the assembly to the information notice is not a complete assembly of all the information obligations of the town Osnabrück.

The town Osnabrück operates several internet presences. The town Osnabrück takes the protection of your personal data seriously and strictly abides to the rules of privacy policy. Generally, you do not need to enter personal data to use the websites of the town Osnabrück. Personal data is only required, when you actively take part in online offerings such as filling out interactive forms, using the comment function, forums or also taking part in raffles. Personal data is merely compiled by this website in a necessary technical extent. This compiled data is never forwarded to third parties or used commercially. The following statement gives you an overview of how the data privacy is ensured and which data is being compiled for what.