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Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


A reader is also published for each annual theme, which you can download here free of charge.

Programme Booklet 2024

Free PDF

Programme Booklet 2023

30 years Kunsthalle Osnabrück

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Postcard tool kit.

tool kit

with contributions by Diane Hillebrand, Moshtari Hilal, Melanie Erzuah, Katharina Klappheck and Nora Brünger with Laura Bleck and Josefine Soppa

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Cover of the publication of the Kunsthalle on the annual theme

Romantik Reader 2022

with contributions by Heike Geißler, Amanda Leduc, Enis Maci and Pascal Richmann, Marie Rotkopf and Andreas Speit

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special supplement diamond splinters — osna’s queerstory

Irène Mélix

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Publication of the Kunsthalle on the annual theme

Accessibility Reader 2021

contributions by Katrin Dinges and Stefanie Wiens, Natasha A. Kelly, Katharina Klappheck as well as Lydia Lierke and Ariana Savoji

Free PDF

Cover of the publication on the annual theme

Disappointment Reader 2020

texts by Bini Adamczak, Helen Pritchard/Loren Britton, Anna Jehle/Juliane Schickedanz and Anke Stelling

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