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Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


Virtual tour

The rooms of the Kunsthalle can also be visited virtually. You can stay at home and still move through the rooms of the Kunsthalle on the internet. This works through a 360-degree view. Many photos of the Kunsthalle are put together like in a computer game. You can zoom in. And zoom out. Look around. And choose which rooms you want to walk through.

Normally, a Kunsthalle is a place where you can see art. But in the 360-degree view there is no art to be seen. The rooms of the Kunsthalle are empty. But you can see the special architecture of the Kunsthalle. The Kunsthalle used to be a church and a monastery. Monks lived there.

It is not only the visitors who can get to know the Kunsthalle. Artists can also see from home where they will later show their art. That’s why the 360-degree view is also a tool for artists. They use it to plan their exhibitions. They can measure the size of the rooms. And test how their art will look in the Kunsthalle.

The Kunsthalle says: The 360-degree view is also an archive. That means you can click on points there and get information about the Kunsthalle. About the history. Past exhibitions. The building. And the people who work there. More and more points with information will be added.

Click here for the 360-degree view.