Tue–Sun 11:00–18:00

Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


Guided tours are tours through our exhibitions. Art mediators offer the tours. The art mediators come from different fields. For example, from art or science. They give an introduction to the exhibitions and invite you to talk with them.

Sunday Guided Tours of the Exhibition Programme

Our open Sunday guided tours of the Kunsthalle’s current exhibitions take place every Sunday from 16:00 to 17:30.

All Sunday tours and guided tours of art in public spaces are included in the admission price. No registration is required.

1st Sunday of the month: German

2nd Sunday of the month: Englisch

3rd Sunday of the month: German (Translation into DGS on request until 10 days prior to the appointment via mail)

4th Sunday of the month: German + Prosecco

New: Our Specials in the Sunday Programme!

Sunday + Kids

Exhibition tours especially for adults with children. With small activities and suitable for children.

Sun 23.06.2024, 16:00

Sun 25.08.2024, 16:00

Sun 22.09.2024, 16:00

Sun 24.11.2024, 16:00

Sun 26.01.2025, 16:00

Sunday + Guest

With three experts who bring their own perspective on the annual programme.

Sun 07.07.2024, 16:00

with Sylvia Jäde, Research Assistant at the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Osnabrück

Sun 29.09.2024, 16:00

with Elli Kowert, Regional Coordinator and Active Member of Mother Hood e. V.

Sun 02.02.2025, 16:00

with Regis Baumans, Member of the Grandparent Sponsorships of the Catholic Family Education Centre

Friends to Friends

Members of the Freunde der Kunsthalle e. V. have developed their own tour of the exhibitions. And they organise guided tours for existing and new members of the association.

Sun 15.09.2024, 16:00

Sun 06.10.2024, 16:00

Sun 20.10.2024, 16:00

Guided Tours of the Art in Public Space Collection

Introduction to selected works of art in public spaces in the city of Osnabrück.

Sat 24.08.2024, 15:00

Sat 05.10.2024, 15:00

Sat 22.02.2025, 15:00

Booked Guided Tours

School classes and other groups can book paid guided tours on a chosen date. Guided tours of the art in public space collection can also be booked individually. Up to 20 people can take part.

Booked guided tour for school classes or students: 40 €

Booked guided tour for groups: 75 € plus admission/person

A registration is required. Please make an appointment by e-mail.