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Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


Art in Public Space

The Kunsthalle Osnabrück is responsible for a collection of currently 44 works of art in public space. All of these works were placed in the urban space between 1950 and 2000. Many of them were placed in the area of the historic old town. Some also in the outer districts of the city. The works differ greatly in their artistic design. That is, they are made of very different materials. And the material was processed in very different ways. They have become part of the collection in different ways.

How is art perceived in public space? That can change over the years. Because urban society changes. Because urban development changes. Because the visitors change. That’s why the collection of artworks is currently being reviewed. What condition are they in? But above all: how can they be made more visible again? How can they once again be the occasion for conversations and current questions?