Felice Varini Curated by Valérie Schwindt-Kleveman and Julia Draganovic Exhibition sites: Historischer Marktplatz Osnabrück / Kunsthalle Osnabrück

The curatorial concept of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück is to create metaphors of temporary community formation. The current installation, designed by Felice Varini for the market square in Osnabrück and for the Kunsthalle, fits into the series of projects in which artists perform together with the audience new community experiences.
It began in 2014/15 with Michael Beutler, who transformed the Kunsthalle into a space for community experiences by installing a circulating seat with 150 barrel lengths in the former church room. The curatorial concept was continued with performative and time-based exhibition projects by IRWIN, Maria José Arjona, Ernesto Pujol and Jan Tichy in the years 2015/2016.

Varini applied adhesive tape to the façades of the houses located on the market square, a simple yet very complex geometric figure. The project is being developed in cooperation with the municipal department of culture, the municipalities of the Evangelical Church of St. Mary and Osnabrück St. Peter's Cathedral.
The installation on the historic market square, the Christian center of the Friedensstadt, will be opened together with the double installation in the Kunsthalle on Tuesday, June 6th - in the opening week of the Skulpturprojekte Münster and the documenta 14 in Kassel. Dr. Julia Draganović and Valérie Schwindt-Kleveman curate the project in the city center together.
Felice Varini has created a double composition for the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, which raises questions about community education in the former monastic assembly room. However, possible answers are not postulated but reflected. The changing position of the viewer plays an important role in this geometric composition: What does "central perspective" mean? Are geometrical forms capable of shifting social meanings? How does "common sense" work? Jan Tichy had shaped the concept of "social formalism" in December, thus bringing the curatorial concept of Julia Draganovic to the point. Varini continues this legacy of "Concrete Discourse" in Osnabrück.

Felice Varini was born in Locarno, Switzerland, in 1952 and lives and works in Paris. He has produced several interventions in public spaces and numerous installations at museums in Europe and the USA. In 2016 the MAMO presented a large single exhibition of his works in the building designed by Le Corbusier.  

More information about the artist: www.varini.org


Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (TR), Halil Altindere (TR), Zehra Arslan (DE / TR / IL), Jakob und Manila Bartnik (PH/PL), Cana Bilir-Meier (AUT / TR), Burçak Bingöl, (TR), Hera Büyüktasçiyan (TR), Aissa Deebi, Ahmet Elhan (TR), Köken Ergun,(TR), Petra Fiebig (DE), Jeanno Gaussi (AFN / DE), Jakob Gautel (DE), Aikaterini Gegisian (GR), Ghazel (IRN / FR), JR (FR), Jun-Ichiro Ishii (JP), Pravdoliub Ivanov (BG), Birgit Johnsen and Hanne Nielsen (DK), Ahmet Kavas (TR), Katerina Kuznetcowa (RU) und Alexander Edisherov (GEO), Reysi Kamhi (TR/IL) Stefan Tchernboc (DE), Kalliopi Lemos (GR), Ali Mirhabi (TR), Boris Mikhailov (UA), Eleni Mylonas (GR / USA), Felix Nussbaum (DE), Maria Otte (DE), Julie Roch-Cuerrier (CA), Margit Rusert und Christine Vennemann (DE), Hiltrud Schäfer (DE), Joanna Schulte (DE), Soheila Sokhanvari (IRN / UK), Veit Stratmann (FR /DE), Panos Tsagaris (GR), Stefanos Tsivopoulos (GR), Viron Erol Vert (DE / TR), Roberto Voorbij (NL)

Curated by Christian Oxenius

in cooperation with CABININ - Çanakkale Biennial Initiative

40 Artists, 4 venues, 17 countries in dialogue over the theme "Homeland". Originally conceived as a parallel event to the 5th Çanakkale Biennial, the city of Osnabrück invites to the two-monthly "Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland". The groupshow, curated by Christian Oxenius in cooperation with CABININ - Çanakkale Biennale Initiative. Four contemporary art institutions will come together for the common opening of the exhibition: Kunsthalle Osnabrück, the Museumsquartier (Felix-Nussbaum-Haus/ Kulturgeschichtliches Museum), the Bund Bildender Künstler Osnabrück (BBK) and the Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst e.V.The opening of Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland will be held officially on June 6th at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Hasemauer 1, at 6 pm from which guests will be guided to the other venues.


opening times

Tuesday: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. 

Wednesday-Friday: 11 a.m. - 6p.m. 

on the second Thursday of the

month: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

Saturday / Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Kunsthalle Osnabrück

Hasemauer 1

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