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15.06.24 – 23.02.25

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Julia Miorin

Julia Miorin is a sculptor and creates installations. [An installation is a work of art in space.] She brings objects together in a space. But Julia Miorin takes them out of everyday life and places them in a new context. She does all this in a humorous way. But through her art she also criticizes social rules and standards.

On invitation of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Julia Miorin has transformed one of the Kunsthalle’s exhibition rooms. For the first time, there is a separate room just for art mediation. In other words, for workshops, encounters, school classes, talks and information about art. The space was artistically planned together with the Kunsthalle Osnabrück team and a test group. The people in the test group were between 18 and 70 years old. Together with them, the artist asked herself: How can this art mediation space be a space for everyone? A place of shared learning. A place that appeals to all the senses. A space for ageless creativity. It can be used flexibly and in many different ways. Even for breaks.

You can recognise Julia Miorin’s way of working in this space. It stands for the interruption of habits. Leaving the ever same uses behind. And for the empowerment of visitors. The focus is on their needs – especially in relation to the museum’s location. They are the centre of her spatial proposal.

The individual elements in the space are reminiscent of public places: A kiosk, a lawn for enjoying the sun, a park bench or a billboard. In other words, shared spaces. Spaces for communication and exchange. These spaces can change. And their use can always be renegotiated. This is also how Julia Miorin understands the space dedicated to art mediation at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. During events, for example, tables and chairs are moved around. The visitors transform the space. Always according to its use.

Would you also like to take part in the events? You can find out about upcoming events in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück programme.

You can also simply relax in the room, read a book or get creative yourself.

Thanks to the workshop coordinator of the review group Simon Niemann and the participants Abdullah Alhmeidi, Lara Burgmann, Afra Creutz, Ursula Fenger-Mangerich, Johannes Friedrich, Susanne Heitmann, Eva Lause, Jasmin Osmanovic’, Heike Schmidt-Lause, Sabine Weichold.

Julia Miorin (DE) lives and works in Leipzig. Miorin is a sculptor and art mediator and taught from 2020-2023 at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in the art mediation programme. The artist’s works have recently been shown in exhibitions at Kunsthalle Recklinghausen (2023), Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, basis projektraum, Frankfurt am Main, Galerie Waidspeicher, Erfurt and Stadtmuseum Memmingen (all 2022), Kunstverein Lüneburg (2021), Alpin-Museum, Kempten (2020) and KV - Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (2017), among others. In 2023, Julia Miorin was invited by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation to create the artistic design for the Meisterhaus Muche in Dessau. Her first monograph was published by DISTANZ Verlag in January 2024.

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