Tue–Sun 11:00–18:00

Hasemauer 1, Osnabrück


Video Corner

15.06.24 – 23.02.25


With Ji Su Kang-Gatto, Eva Kot'átková, Liz Magic Laser, Marianna Simnett

The Video Corner shows a total of 4 video works. The actors in all of them are children. Acting, speaking or remembering. Ji Su Kang-Gatto remembers her childhood in a migrant family in Osnabrück. [Migrant means: Ji Su Kang-Gatto’s family moved from another country]. Liz Magic Laser shows that children are often portrayed as innocent. Eva Kotátková shows the world as a stomach whose constraints and power relations are difficult to digest. And Marianna Simnett uses the form of the fairy tale for her dystopian story. [Dystopian means that her fairy tale is set in a bleak future.]