Reopening with free entry!

We look forward to welcome you back to the Kunsthalle Osnabrück from May 7, 2020! Under the current security requirements, our house is again open to all visitors for the temporarily new opening times, Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Due to the current conditions, entry is initially free.

Ayumi Paul's ongoing exhibition Sympathetic Resonance will also be extended until July 5, 2020! The workshops The Singing Project, taking place as part of the exhibition, will continue digitally. You will find more information here.


News from a closed Kunsthalle


Dear visitors,

as already announced on our social media channels and in the press, Kunsthalle Osnabrück will be closed temporarily in order to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. For the time being, we will remain closed until April 30th, 2020. At this point in time, however, it is unclear how long this pandemic will last, and therefore we, as a cultural institution doing only temporary exhibitions, will have to readjust our programme at least until the middle of the year. Various projects have been postponed or cancelled. Find detailed information on this here.

Besides all of the necessary information and decisions that need to be conveyed as part of the corona virus emergency planning we are left with the feeling that this de facto crisis is both an individual and a collective one. It means staying isolated together and alone in solidarity with all those who keep the systems going, but also with those who have always suffered under the obvious inequality in our society. The coronavirus is a crisis of capitalism and globalization. Everybody, privileged or not, will bear its consequences, but the already disadvantaged much more so. So, wherein lies this chance that everyone is talking about now?

As new directors of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück we have lived in a city and region that is new to us for yet only three months. A new job always requires a certain time of adjustment before one gets to look up from the piles of paperwork and then to get to know the city, the people, and the local art scene. Before we could even get to that point, everything had been closed. Therefore, we hereby want to show solidarity to all local and international independent artists. The city of Osnabrück, as well as the Kunsthalle, are working intensely on protecting and strengthening our long-standing partners in art and culture, as well as to ensure their re-integration in the long term. The Kunsthalle Osnabrück will use this shutdown as a developmental opportunity. In addition to taking inventory, decluttering, programme planning, concept development or staff training we will also actively try to be in contact with the local scene — something we haven’t yet had the chance to. For the coming months and years we want to further develop already existent cooperations, as well as new ones, so that the start of the new programme may also mean progress for local and international networks.

So far, we stand by our unwavering hope that on the 29th of August we may celebrate the programme's kick-off after the change of the directorate together with all our guests. The annual theme of the coming series of exhibitions, “disappointment“, is taking an unexpected turn in light of recent developments. Some exhibitons will react to the consequences of corona situationally, and we as an institution will further investigate the questions of “disappointment“. Is the coronavirus the disappointment? Or is it the time after, when the window to possible new beginnings, change and solidarity closes again, and we all fall back to the old status quo after all? What can the coronavirus thus prepare us for? Which opportunities can be either seized or missed regarding environmentalism, equality, or slowing down as a form of protest? How will the art world react to these individual as well as social challenges, and how can we as a cultural institution stand by the artists?

With these questions we hope to soon be able to welcome you in our house again. Until then we will keep working, and: please stay healthy!


Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickedanz, directors of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, on behalf of the team of Kunsthalle Osnabrück


Ayumi Paul:

I look at the flower - the flower looks at me


Conceived as a cross-room work, the radioplay "I look at the flower, the flower looks at me" is on the one hand a simple instruction for breathing and listening, on the other hand a kind of performance in which everyone who breathes, takes part. The radio play begins with the following words:

"You are in the Sympathetic Resonance exhibition, which will take place from March 1st to April 5th at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. Maybe you are here, maybe you are listening from home or on the go. The exhibition may already be came to an end. Either way, you are now part of this exhibition. "

You can play the 18 minute audio recording directly and conveniently via the player below.

Ayumi Paul: Sympathetic Resonance

[Translate to Englisch:] Ayumi Paul, Sympathetic Resonance, 2019
Copyright Studio Light & Ayumi Paul


With Sympathetic Resonance, the Kunsthalle Osnabrück presents her first institutional solo exhibition Sympathetic Resonance, which runs until July 5, 2020.

Sounds and noises are central motifs in the works of Ayumi Paul. The intrinsic sound of bodies, material and environment is crucial for her conceptual approach to changing listening habits and developing the possibilities of hearing.

Ayumi Paul has been making the Kunsthalle Osnabrück sound through The Singing Project for about one year. Women regularly met with Ayumi Paul to practice free singing. A polyphonic, fluid sound sculpture has emerged from the joint project. For the duration of the exhibition, The Singing Project is transforming the nave of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück into an always singing place that invites all visitors to listen and sing along.

The exhibition invites you to a far-reaching change of perspective by drawing attention through the artist's works to the fact that what we regard as an object is always a subject. Composed as a non-linear place of experience, the individual works in the exhibition are also interwoven. Time and cycle are recurring elements in the entire exhibition and giving becomes a central gesture of it. What can you give to other people? What can you give back to the elderly or pass on to future generations? How do present, past and future influence each other? How does a room change, which is constantly emerged into the sound of singing? What connects us?

Ayumi Paul (* 1980 in Gießen), composer, violinist and visual artist, lives in Berlin. She studied classical violin at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin and Indiana University (US) and played in renowned concert halls worldwide before devoting herself exclusively to independent artistic works that have been presented in international museums and galleries, most recently at Esther Schipper (2017), in the National Gallery Singapore (2018) and in the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris (2018).

The exhibition is funded by the Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur and the Felicitas und Werner Egerland Stiftung. The Kunsthalle Osnabrück is supported by the Association of Freunde der Kunsthalle Osnabrück e. V.

The Singing Project

Ayumi Paul © Anna Rosa Krau.
All is sound and everything listens.


Since March 2019 women have been meeting regularly at Kunsthalle Osnabrück in order to sing and listen together, on an adventure towards the primal source of singing; to find one‘s own voice within. These meetings initiate the development of a fluid sculpture of female voices, which will form the heart piece of Ayumi Paul‘s solo exhibition "Sympathetic Resonance".

On a journey towards finding the roots of her own voice, the artist started to learn from a variety of teachers: from classical opera singers to experimental singers to women who use their voices in their healing practice and women who continue their cultural lineage through ancient singing rituals. The artist shares and practices the essence of her own learning process with the women coming to join the Singing Project. Her growing knowledge about voice is thus immediately passed on into a larger cycle.

“I look forward to every female voice that will become part of this project. The process shapes the composition which will continue to grow together with our voices. Each voice brings her own colours, holds her own space and simultaneously interweaves with all other voices into one grand and continuously transforming organic form.”

If you would like to join it is not necessary to have any prior experience of singing, music reading skills are also not needed. The meetings do not build chronologically and it is therefore possible to enter the project at all times and as often as one chooses.

All women are warmly invited.

An event of Kunsthalle Osnabrück in cooperation with the Friends of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück e.V. and the cultural office of the city of Osnabrück as part of this year's cultural extra "Klang" (sound). The Friends of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück e.V are funded by the Foundation of Sparkasse Osnabrück.

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