Andrea Mastrovito Symphony of a century


The film “Nysferatu” is accompanied by a score that was composed by Simone Giuliani and is part of the film presentation in Osnabrück. Mastrovito invited local musicians to accompany the screening of Nysferatu improvising or presenting their own compositions. In cooperation with the Institute of Music of the Hochschule Osnabrück (Chair of Jazz Guitar) there will be four live music performances.

The “Urban Outreach Band” of the Jazz Class by Frank Wingold accompanies one of the central works of the exhibition: the silent film "NYsferatu. Symphony of a Century".

Dates of the Soirees:
March 4, 5 pm. /  March 18, 6 pm:
Urban Outreach Band, silent film company "NYsferatu. Symphony of a Century"

March 23: "this honorable fish" (Anja Kreysing, acc. / Elec. & Helmut Buntjer, tb / elec.): Live soundtrack for "NYsferatu" by Andrea Mastrovito.

The entrance fee for the concerts are included in the ticket for the exhibition.


Filip Markiewicz : RAFTSIDE Friday, January 19th – 6 pm at Forum Kunsthalle The ticket for the concert is included in the ticket without a surcharge



The visual artist and composer Filip Markiewicz is mostly influenced in his visual and musical work by alternative pop music and the sociopolitical context, that he mostly translate into drawings, videos and installations. His musical performance project RAFTSIDE is a one-man-band hybrid mixture of songwriting and electro sampling but overall an experimental playground. The surrealistic and slightly protest lyrics are layered on surfrock guitar, that create a cinematic atmosphere. 

In 2015, Filip Markiewicz represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale with his installation "Paradiso Lussemburgo", where among other installations he presented a "Fake Protest Song Karaoke" and a political disco dancefloor. Markiewicz also writes lyrics and theater plays, during the summer of 2017, he wrote the play "Fake Fiction" for the Theater Basel. Afterwards some topics of the dialogues took the form of pop and protest songs.

Filip Markiewicz, who lives now in Hamburg, recorded the new LP "Empty Star" of his RAFTSIDE project during the summer of 2017 after the infamous G20 summit that took place in the German city. The result of this recording is a melange inspired by the songwriting of the 60s and the electro synth pop of the 80's.

What is happening at Rosenplatz-District?


The Italian artist Roxy in the Box takes portraits of famous artists on facades. Whoever passes by is invited

- to make a Selfie with Roxy in the Box’s art pictures of the Celebrities 

- to record a video

- to write notes and to photograph them

Photos and videos can be emailed to or shared with the hashtag #inandoutart on Facebook or Twitter
What happens to the photos and videos? They are printed by the team of the Kunsthalle and loaded onto a monitor and can be seen in the Kunsthalle from 26 August (Kulturnacht).
Your photos will be part of Roxy's exhibition!